Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Final Fantasy XIII will be the first PS3 release to fully utilize the consoles specifications

Good news for PS3 owners and fans of the Final Fantasy series. In a recent interview conducted with Tetsuya Nomura regarding Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy XIII, the video game director employed by Square Enix had a lot to say.

Nomura stated that the amount of disc space available due to the advent of Blu-Ray technology will allow the jump from Final Fantasy XII to XIII to rival that of the jump made from VI to VII.

In addition to announcing some new wrinkles for the franchise such as the ability to control air ships and conduct airborne assaults, he also helped put an end to rumors regarding a 360 release, by confirming that the title would “of course” be a Playstation 3 exclusive.

He didn’t stop there though. The man revered by many in the industry as a top ten developer added that Final Fantasy XIII will be the first PS3 release to fully utilize the consoles specifications.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Playstation 3 sales gone up in US

Sales of Sony's PlayStation 3 have been given a boost in North America since it cut the price of the console and introduced a cheaper version at the beginning of November.

The company said Thursday that combined sales of the older 80GB model and the new 40GB model have increased by 192 percent at the top-10 major retailers in North America and "more than doubled" overall.

After seeing poor sales all year the company cut the price of the 80GB model from US$599 to US$499, and introduced a cheaper US$399 version on Nov. 2, with a lower capacity hard-disk drive. In addition to the smaller drive, the cheaper version lacks the ability to play PlayStation 2 titles. more...


Monday, November 12, 2007

Anime Quotes - One Piece

From the One Piece Series ~

Opening 1 "We Are":

Wealth, fame, power. The man who had acquired everything in the world, the Pirate King, Gold Roger. The final words that were said at his execution sent the people to the seas.

Gold Roger: "My wealth and treasure? If you want it, I'll let you have it. Look for it, I left it all at that place!"

Men now, chasing their dreams, head towards the Grand Line. The world now enters a Great Age of Pirates!

Opening 2 "Believe":

Gold Roger: "Inherited Will, the Destiny of the Age, and the Dreams of its People. These are things that will not be stopped. As long as people continue to pursue the meaning of freedom, these things will never cease to be!"

Opening 3 "Hikari E":

Gold Roger: "The world... Yes! Seek freedom, and your world will stand stretched out before your eyes. If the endless dream guides your spirits, Conquer it! Bear conviction behind your flag!"

Opening 4 "Bon Voyage":

Luffy: "Have you heard of the awesome treasure at the end of the sea? The guy who claims it will be Pirate King! Are you as psyched as I am? There's unbelievable adventures just waiting for us!"

I will... I will never... LOSE AGAIN! Until I defeat him [Mihawk] and become the world's greatest swordsman, I'll never be defeated by anyone! - Zoro

I've set myself to become the King of the Pirates... and if I die trying... then at least I tried! - Monkey D. Luffy


(Thinking): When I left Syrup Village, I left everything behind! Tranquility... Safety... They face hardships every day, and they laugh like they're really having fun! That's why I decided to go out to sea!! I want to laugh 'til I cry, too! But if I don't fight with everything I've got, there's no way I deserve to be on the same boat as them! There's no way I can laugh with them!! - Usopp

I don't give a crap about how great you mermen are... or what happens to your stupid maps! I may not understand the story around this... But now, I know what I've gotta do to help her! [...] It's this room. I can't let it exist. This room she doesn't want to be in. I'LL DESTROY IT ALL. - Monkey D. Luffy

Well, how about this. My "luck" versus this thing's "curse"... wanna see what's stronger...? If I lose, then I'm just that much of a man anyways... - Zoro

You think risking your own life is enough? Try risking our lives along with yours! WE'RE YOUR NAKAMA! - Monkey D. Luffy

Hey, this is the shitty restaurant... would you like to make a reservation? - Sanji

Sometimes big fish would jump out of the water trying to eat me(us), so I'd(we'd)beat it up. - Zoro/Luffy

Gomu Gomu no... JET GATLING! - Monkey D. Luffy