Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why Xbox Live isn't free - gamesradar

Until recently, Microsoft could brag about how Live was by far the most feature-complete online service on any platform, with a unified Friends list, the best online shop, voice and video chat as standard and a consistent and stable online experience. But in recent months there’s been a shift in the market, and even bigger changes are coming. Microsoft is the only player to charge for online play, and their policy has landed some of the best online games on the 360... but as PC and PlayStation developers offer comparable features at no extra cost, the Gold subscription starts to lose its shine. The launch of the PC’s Steam Community late last year and promises made by Sony at January’s Consumer Electronics Show have placed Microsoft on the back foot, and has all of us asking: what does your annual subscription pay for? continue..


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ragnarok MMO: Angry Valkyrie player

Ragnarok MMO: Angry Valkyrie player

A typical gamer of valkyrie, it's in filipino by the way, which was originally a video of a kid playing counter strike. :)