Friday, June 29, 2007

Anime Quotes - Bleach

From the Bleach Series --

"Dammit, is that how you greet your son who went out of his way to help a ghost on the way home?!"

-- Kurosaki Ichigo

"I see. So basically, you're a Death God? And you came all the way from some place called Soul Society to vanquish evil spirits? Which means that monster earlier was one of those evil spirits? And it attacked that little girl? Okay, I belie-- NO WAY I'LL BELIEVE THAT, DUMBASS!"
-- Kurosaki Ichigo

"Do you know why the big brother is born first? It's to protect the little brothers and sisters that come after him. A brother telling his sister, "I'll kill you..." You never, ever say something like that."
-- Kurosaki Ichigo

"Remember, Ichigo. You are the man which the woman I fell in love with gave her life to protect. Live to the fullest, age to the fullest, go bald to the fullest, and die long before me. And if possible, die with a smile"
-- Isshin Ichigo

"What a letdown, Kurosaki-san, a real letdown.... After all, there is nothing but fear reflected in your sword. When you dodge, you're afraid of getting killed. When you attack, you're afraid of killing someone. Even when you try to protect someone, you're afraid of letting them die. Yes, your sword speaks to me only of absurd fear. What's necessary in a fight isn't fear. Nothing can be born of that. When you dodge, "I won't let them kill me." If you protect someone, "I won't let them die." If you attack, "I will kill them." Well, can't you see the resolve to cut you in my sword?"
-- Kisuke Urahara

"[Thinking] When he sensed he was no match for his opponent... he could have withdrawn with only a minor wound. I hoped he would. But... Ichigo would never admit defeat so easily. I think... I always knew that. Can you move, Ichigo? If you can, it's not too late to run. Hurry.... Please... RUN!"
-- Rukia Kuchiki

"Ichigo... I hate the rain. Rain falls in this world, too. When your heart is in chaos, this sky become clouded. When you are sad, rain falls so terribly easy. Can you understand... the horror of being pelted by rain in this solitary world? If only to stop that rain, I shall lend you any strength. If you trust in me, I will let no rain fall in this world. Ichigo, trust me. You are not fighting alone."
-- Zangetsu

Why do you run, Ichigo? You still have not called me. Face forward, Ichigo. You should be able to hear it now. That which blocks your ears is worthless fear. The enemy is one, you are one. What is there to fear?"
-- Zangetsu

"I shall light a fire upon the fang that falls short, so that I needn't see that star... so that it shall not tear this throat of mine."

-- Renji Abarai

"You're just an overnight shinigami. You couldn't put one scratch on us real ones."
-- Renji Abarai

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dragonball Online - MMORPG

Dragonball goes online.

DBMania is bringing us news that Dragon Ball Online, an MMO based on one of the most recognized series in the world, is coming to Japan in 2008, with the beta being tested in Korea this summer. The game is set 200 years from the end of the manga, so all the main characters are dead, or so it seems. The world has been divided by some evil organization, and with the help of "Time Patrol Trunks," you'll help to reunite the world.

Players will be able to select from any of the major races that appeared in the game; meaning Saiyan, Humans, and Nameks are definitely available to players. In the game, you actually start off as a young kid, and grow to be an adult. Akir a Toriyama will behelping to design the new characters, buildings, and backgrounds.

So, Dragon Ball fans, would you sign up for this, even though everything is in Japanese?

Dragonball Online Screenshots:

Bandai Co Games (japanese)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Naruto the Movie 3: Mikazuki Island's Animal Panic! DVD Release

Naruto the Movie 3: Mikazuki Island's Animal Panic! DVD Release

The third Movie Installment of the famous Ninja Anime, Naruto Series is now released in DVD Format last April 25, 2007.

On a side note, Dattebayo (A fansub group) released an english subtitled version for the movie last April 29, 2007, and all you Anime fans, specially Naruto fans should watch it now, while it's hot!

Here's a Preview of the Movie.

And the movie fight scenes.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

On the Spot - FLCL (Furi Kuri)

Anime Title: FLCL (Furi Kuri - japanese title)
Author: Hajime Ueda
comedy, science-fiction, fantasy, mecha, school life
Number of Episodes: 6
Runtime per Episode: 25 mins
Published: April 26, 2000
Studio: GAINAX, Production I.G. (japan), Synch-Point(united states)

FLCL or known as Furi Kuri in japan is a 6 episode OVA Series. The series focuses on a twelve-year old boy that always hangs out with Mamimi, the girlfriend of Naota's long gone brother.
"Mamimi and Naota"

Their relationship seems pretty weird, Mamimi calls Naota by his brothers name, and always seems to enjoy teasing Naota.

Haruko rushing to hit Naota with her guitar on the head.

When suddenly, a mysterious and insane girl riding a motorscooter that always carries a guitar named Haruko, who calls herself the "Medical Mechanica" an investigator from the "Galactic Space Patrol Brotherhood/Stellar Fraternity" in search for the most powerful space pirate in the universe Atomsk who interrupted the times of Naota and Mamimi, running over Naota and whacks him in the head with her guitar.

"Atomsk the Pirate King"

"Naota with the Power of the Pirate King"

"The Unexpected End of the Furi Kuri"

Episode List:

Episode 1:"Fooly Cooly (Furi Kuri)"
Episode 2: "Fire Starter (FiSta)"
Episode 3: "Marquis de Carabas (Maru-Raba)"
Episode 4: "Full Swing (Furi Kiri)"
Episode 5: "Brittle Bullet (Bura-Bure)"

Final Episode:
"FLCLimax (Furi Kura)"

Friday, June 22, 2007

Anime Quotes - Naruto

From the Naruto Series --

"I love only myself and fight only for myself. And as long as I think everybody exists to make me feel that way... the world is wonderful."

"A soul needs a purpose to live, and so I concluded that my purpose was to kill everyone besides myself. I felt alive."
-- Gaara

"It seems like the small leaves in the Village of Konoha have inherited that "will of fire" you spoke of, Third. The fire on the leaves will eventually burn greater and stronger.... It will flash its light and protect this village."
Iruka Umino

"Foolish little brother. If you want to kill me, hate me, detest me, and survive in an unslightly way. Run, run and cling to life. And then some day, when you have the same eyes as I do, come before me."
-- Uchiha Itachi

"Baka, baka, baka!! They found out I was peeking! Now my research is ruined!"
-- Jiraiya

"Those in the ninja world who break the rules and regulations are called trash, but those who don't care about their companions... are even lower than trash."
Hatake Kakashi

"I will never give up... I will never go back on my word. That is my way of a ninja!"
-- Uzumaki Naruto

"When I'm with Iruka-sensei, I think if that's what having a father is like.... When I'm with you, I think if that's what having a brother is like."
-- Uzumaki Naruto

"Sasuke, I always knew you were alone. In the beginning I was glad because I thought you were like me - I wanted to talk to you! But you... didn't speak. You always had everyone watching you. You could do everything and we were too different. So I decided that you would become my rival. I didn't want to lose because I was called a loser all the time. Even when we became Team 7, I still thought this way. I always tried to lie but... but the truth is... I always wanted to be like you. I aspired to be like you. Because of that... I was glad that you wanted to fight me."

-- Uzumaki Naruto

"The lotus of the Leaf Village blooms twice! When we meet again, I shall be a stronger man."
- Rock Lee

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Metal Gear Solid 4 - Guns of the Patriots

Older, battle-hardened veteran Solid Snake. No Place to Hide

Game Title: Metal Gear Solid 4 - Guns of the Patriots
Publisher: Konami
Developer: Kojima Productions
Genre: Action, Adventure, Tactical Espionage, Stealth
Release Date: To Be Announced
Platforms: Playstation 3
Modes: Single Player

Critically acclaimed Metal Gear Series creator, Hideo Kojima, continues the series with a number of new elements and contents to the Playstation 3. The game motto "No place to Hide" and it's central theme of "Sense", builds the thought of how the players senses will be the best key to surviving in Metal Gear Solid 4.

Featuring a highly futuristic setting, and a broad war-torn environment, that resembles of wars between great nations.

Following the previous Metal Gear titles, the game will be having the same aspects and additional combat moves and will be featuring a more precise first-person aiming. A new form of camouflage called "Octocamo" will allow the player to blend to it's environment, which much replaces the old-camouflage system of Metal Gear Solid 3.

"It's my turn to save you, Snake" - Raiden

Tokyo Game Show 2006 - Trailer

For the latest trailer with more additional content link here...


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Devil May Cry: The Anime

Devil May Cry, one of the most famous action adventure games that Capcom developed for the Playstation 2, has released an Anime version of the game.

Anime Title: Devil May Cry
Genre: Action, Adventure, Supernatural
Number of Episodes: 12 - Scheduled
Runtime per Episode: 30 mins
Published: June 14, 2007
Madhouse Production

The anime debuted on Japan T.V. network called WOWOW and is expected to run up to 12 Episodes, initially.

Dante the main character for the Anime and also the main character in the game, is hired through his own business Devil May Cry. Just like the game Devil May Cry is about the Demon Hunter Dante, who himself is a Half-demon and Half-human.

Official Trailer:

Mission 1: (English Subbed)

[Mission/Episode List]

> Mission 01 - Devil May Cry
> Mission 02 - Highway Star
> Mission 03 - Not Love & Mission 4 - Rolling Thunder
> Mission 05 - In Private & Mission 06 -Rock Queen
> Mission 07 - Wishes Come True
> Mission 08 - Once Upon A Time
> Mission 09 - Death Poker
> Mission 10 - The Last Promise
> Mission 11 - Showtime!
> Mission 12 - Final Stage Let's Rock!

Devil May Cry T.V. (Japanese)
Devil May Cry Official Site

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

On the Spot - Golden Boy

"Yes!, Atlast i shall demonstrate my computer skills, Atlast i shall face off with my silicon foe." - Kintaro Oe, Episode 1

Anime Title: Golden Boy
Author: Tatsuya Egawa
Genre: Comedy
Number of Episodes: 6
Runtime per Episode: 30 mins
Published: October 27, 1995
Studio: KSS Shueisha

This is Kintaro Oe, 25 years old, a travelling student by Tatsuya Egawa.
A six episode OVA series was produced by Shueisha and KSS in 1995 adapted from the first collected Volume of it's manga.

Kintaro Oe left Tokyo University despite having met the requirements for a degree and now travels all around Japan in search for knowledge with his trusted bike.

Kintaro Oe is best described as the "Ultimate Daydreamer" and specializes on part-time jobs and naturally on pretty girls.

Golden Boy depicts his living the life of a free spirit, roaming Japan
from town to town, job to job. During his travels, Kintaro meets
several women whose lives he dramatically changes, despite poor first
impressions. He constantly observes and studies the people and events
around him, recording his findings in a notebook he carries on his belt.

Here's a few screen shots of Golden Boy.

Kintaro Oe on Saving energy...

Now that's cute... hehe.
Applying for a job at a Software Solution Firm.
What happened?
"Oh no, sorry, My Queen.." - Kintaro Oe

A Quick description, OVA SERIES Episode List

"Computer Studies"
Kintaro Applying as a Computer Programmer at an All-Women Software Firm.

"Temptation of the Maiden"

Kintaro works as a Campaign Staffer, ends up tutoring the mayors attractive teenage daughter.

"Danger! The Virgin's First Love"
Kintaro works in a restaurant.

"Swimming in the Sea of Love"
Kintaro challenges the champion swimmer.

"Balls to the Wall"
Kintaro becomes a servant in a traditional-forbidden wealthy family.

"Animation is Fun!"
The Last Episode, Kintaro Helping as an errand boy for the Animation Production.

A lot of laughs are waiting for you in this 6-part Anime Series, Golden Boy.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Starcraft 2 - On Going Development

Yay, the most anticipated and most popular Real-Time Strategy developed by Blizzard is now on going development.

I know a lot of people are eagerly waiting for this. ( I know I am ).


Terran, and Zerg. These three distinct and powerful races will clash once again in the fast-paced real-time strategy sequel to the legendary original, StarCraft. Legions of veteran, upgraded, and brand-new unit types will do battle across the galaxy, as each faction struggles for survival.

Featuring a unique single-player campaign that picks up where StarCraft: Brood War left off, StarCraft II will present a cast of new heroes and familiar faces in an edgy sci-fi story filled with adventure and intrigue. In addition, Blizzard will again offer unparalleled online play through, the company's world-renowned gaming service, with several enhancements and new features to make StarCraft II the ultimate competitive real-time strategy game.


Fast-paced, hard-hitting, tightly balanced competitive real-time strategy gameplay that recaptures and improves on the magic of the original game

Three completely distinct races: Protoss, Terran, and Zerg

New units and gameplay mechanics further distinguish each race

Groundbreaking single-player "story-mode" campaign

Vibrant new 3D-graphics engine with support for dazzling visual effects and massive unit and army sizes

Full multiplayer support, with new competitive features and matchmaking utilities available through

Full map-making and scripting tools to give players incredible freedom in customizing and personalizing their gameplay experience


For additional videos and gameplay follow this link: more...