Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Final Fantasy XIII will be the first PS3 release to fully utilize the consoles specifications

Good news for PS3 owners and fans of the Final Fantasy series. In a recent interview conducted with Tetsuya Nomura regarding Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy XIII, the video game director employed by Square Enix had a lot to say.

Nomura stated that the amount of disc space available due to the advent of Blu-Ray technology will allow the jump from Final Fantasy XII to XIII to rival that of the jump made from VI to VII.

In addition to announcing some new wrinkles for the franchise such as the ability to control air ships and conduct airborne assaults, he also helped put an end to rumors regarding a 360 release, by confirming that the title would “of course” be a Playstation 3 exclusive.

He didn’t stop there though. The man revered by many in the industry as a top ten developer added that Final Fantasy XIII will be the first PS3 release to fully utilize the consoles specifications.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Playstation 3 sales gone up in US

Sales of Sony's PlayStation 3 have been given a boost in North America since it cut the price of the console and introduced a cheaper version at the beginning of November.

The company said Thursday that combined sales of the older 80GB model and the new 40GB model have increased by 192 percent at the top-10 major retailers in North America and "more than doubled" overall.

After seeing poor sales all year the company cut the price of the 80GB model from US$599 to US$499, and introduced a cheaper US$399 version on Nov. 2, with a lower capacity hard-disk drive. In addition to the smaller drive, the cheaper version lacks the ability to play PlayStation 2 titles. more...


Monday, November 12, 2007

Anime Quotes - One Piece

From the One Piece Series ~

Opening 1 "We Are":

Wealth, fame, power. The man who had acquired everything in the world, the Pirate King, Gold Roger. The final words that were said at his execution sent the people to the seas.

Gold Roger: "My wealth and treasure? If you want it, I'll let you have it. Look for it, I left it all at that place!"

Men now, chasing their dreams, head towards the Grand Line. The world now enters a Great Age of Pirates!

Opening 2 "Believe":

Gold Roger: "Inherited Will, the Destiny of the Age, and the Dreams of its People. These are things that will not be stopped. As long as people continue to pursue the meaning of freedom, these things will never cease to be!"

Opening 3 "Hikari E":

Gold Roger: "The world... Yes! Seek freedom, and your world will stand stretched out before your eyes. If the endless dream guides your spirits, Conquer it! Bear conviction behind your flag!"

Opening 4 "Bon Voyage":

Luffy: "Have you heard of the awesome treasure at the end of the sea? The guy who claims it will be Pirate King! Are you as psyched as I am? There's unbelievable adventures just waiting for us!"

I will... I will never... LOSE AGAIN! Until I defeat him [Mihawk] and become the world's greatest swordsman, I'll never be defeated by anyone! - Zoro

I've set myself to become the King of the Pirates... and if I die trying... then at least I tried! - Monkey D. Luffy


(Thinking): When I left Syrup Village, I left everything behind! Tranquility... Safety... They face hardships every day, and they laugh like they're really having fun! That's why I decided to go out to sea!! I want to laugh 'til I cry, too! But if I don't fight with everything I've got, there's no way I deserve to be on the same boat as them! There's no way I can laugh with them!! - Usopp

I don't give a crap about how great you mermen are... or what happens to your stupid maps! I may not understand the story around this... But now, I know what I've gotta do to help her! [...] It's this room. I can't let it exist. This room she doesn't want to be in. I'LL DESTROY IT ALL. - Monkey D. Luffy

Well, how about this. My "luck" versus this thing's "curse"... wanna see what's stronger...? If I lose, then I'm just that much of a man anyways... - Zoro

You think risking your own life is enough? Try risking our lives along with yours! WE'RE YOUR NAKAMA! - Monkey D. Luffy

Hey, this is the shitty restaurant... would you like to make a reservation? - Sanji

Sometimes big fish would jump out of the water trying to eat me(us), so I'd(we'd)beat it up. - Zoro/Luffy

Gomu Gomu no... JET GATLING! - Monkey D. Luffy

Friday, October 26, 2007

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Preview!

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (キングダム ハーツ 358/2 Days Kingudamu Hātsu Surī Faibu Eito Deizu ōbā Tsū, pronounced "Kingdom Hearts Three-Five-Eight Days Over Two") is an upcoming action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix for the Nintendo DS with assistance from h.a.n.d. Inc.[5] It is an installment in the best-selling Kingdom Hearts series. The game features Roxas during the time period of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories after Sora entered a deep sleep. This game will explore the time from Roxas's creation until his confrontation with Riku that leads to his placement in the data-based Twilight Town in Kingdom Hearts II. It is said to be in full 3D as a single and multiplayer game. The game was announced at the 2007 Tokyo Game Show. Currently the title is only confirmed for a Japanese release, though Square Enix has plans for releases in other territories.

Information on games has been coming lately at a fast and furious pace, even without the overflow from Tokyo. We only just found out that multiple Kingdom Hearts titles were confirmed for numerous systems, and now we've caught our first images of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days in the pages of Famitsu. While these scanned screens are early, as well as rough and grainy, they do offer a nice glimpse of the look we can expect from the DS action-RPG.

Details thus far are slim, but apparently cooperative multiplayer is in the cards, and the game focuses on the story of Roxas and his time with Organization XIII. []

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Street Fighter IV announced!

Street Fighter IV is a recently-announced fighting game, and the continuation of Capcom's long-running Street Fighter series. It was announced in London on October 17, 2007 at a press conference Capcom was holding. The teaser trailer showed Ryu and Ken squaring off in a pre-rendered 3D brush stroke-painted style, but no actual gameplay was shown. Capcom has stated that the game recently entered development. Speculation has commenced on whether the game will feature 3D CGI-style graphics or traditional Street Fighter 2D hand-drawn animation. (

Capcom has confirmed the development of Street Fighter 4 at an event in London.

Very little solid information about the game has been given; not even the platforms upon which the game will appear. However, this trailer should be more than enough to send the hardcore fighting game fans out there crumbling to their knees in awestruck anticipation.

Now, let's get to that trailer. (

External Links:
Official Website

Monday, October 8, 2007

Battalion Wars Preview (Wii)

Battalion Wars Preview (Wii)

Imagine a game that combines Advance Wars, superb level design, glorious 3D graphics and addictive gameplay; the outcome? Battalion Wars of course. Released back late 2005 as one of the Gamecubes last ever games to appear on the console, it delivered what was one of the best real time strategies ever. Players controlled their own character as well as an entire battalion consisting of soldiers, tanks and aircraft. Sounds confusing, well it wasn’t. Kuju created a great control scheme implanting the C-stick to select the different parts of your battalion and by pressing either Y or X would send them to attack the enemy or defend different areas. Each level was incredibly well designed and it could take ages to master. Fast forward to 2007 and Kuju are in the final stages of the long awaited sequel Battalion Wars 2 (Also known as BWii - see what they did there). So what have Kuju done to improve on the already great Gamecube game?

More (original post).. >


Thursday, October 4, 2007

Snake joins the Brawl!

Snake -

The legendary mercenary makes his miraculous Smash debut! This law-breaking news roared around the world.

He comes fully loaded with cool and showy weapons that only he could possess. Couple them with these different worlds, and it will clear a path to new horizons.

Snake on Smash Bros. DOJO!

source: Smash Bros. DOJO Official Site

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Halo DS does really exist!

Remember a while back when IGN Wii editor-in-chief Matt Casamassina made a blog post, claiming that he had played Halo on Nintendo DS? Well, he's updated his blog today with proof that such a game at one time really did exist.

You can check out two videos of the game in action below, as well as Matt explaining what's going on. In the video, Matt Casamassina and Mark Bozon demo what appears to be a DS version of the Halo 2 map Zanzibar (Last Stand in Halo 3), complete with dual wielding. Unfortunately, Halo DS was cancelled long ago, is no longer in development and no studio names have been mentioned as to who was behind it.

Check it out Here!(with Videos)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Are you a Nintendo Historian?

Well before the Wii, Nintendo burrowed its way into our pop culture with classic games like The Legend of Zelda, Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! and Metroid. How well do you remember the little details? Match the element to the game in which it played an admittedly minor role.

Check out for yourself here!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wii! On top of the Next-Gen Console wars

Wii! On top of the Next-Gen Console wars

According to Video Game Chartz, Wii has already passed the sales of XBOX 360 which has been in the market for a while, with a heavy lead against the two giant consoles (Playstation 3 and XBOX360) and still on fire, in terms of sales.

Nintendo Wii, Since its launch, the monthly sales numbers of the console have been higher than its competitors across the globe. According to the NPD Group, the Wii has sold more units in North America than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 combined in the first half of 2007. This lead is even larger in the Japanese market, where it currently leads not only in total sales, but usually outsells both consoles by 3:1 to 6:1 every week. In Australia, the Wii exceeded the Xbox 360 to become the fastest selling games console in Australian history.

While Microsoft and Sony had experienced losses producing their consoles, in the hopes of making a long-term profit, Nintendo claims to have optimized production costs to obtain a significant profit margin with each Wii unit sold. -

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Naruto's Father is The Fourth Hokage!

Fourth Hokage, Minato Uzumaki also known as The Flash

Naruto's Father is The Fourth Hokage!

On the conversation of Tsunade and Jiraiya:

Chapter 367 of the Naruto manga, by Masashi Kishimoto, titled "Itachi and Sasuke", confirmed the true identity of Naruto Uzumaki being a son of the Fourth Hokage, Minato Uzumaki, also known as The Flash, and mother to Kushina Uzumaki, female ninja from the whirlpool country.

Naruto got his looks from his Father, and his attitude and ninjutsu style from his Mother, Tsunade and Jiraiya said.

Who would have guessed that, well actually it was pretty obvious, Naruto and The Fourth's resemblance but still is quite of a suprise. =)

Souce(s): Naruto Manga, Shonen Jump Naruto

On The Spot - Bleach

Anime Title: Bleach (Burichi)
Author: Kubo Tite
comedy, fantasy, action, adventure, supernatural
Number of Episodes: 137 - ongoing
Runtime per Episode: 25 minutes
Published: August 2001(manga) - October 05, 2004 (anime)
Publisher: Shueisha
Studio: Studio Pierrot
Network: Tokyo TV

BLEACH is an ongoing manga series authored by Tite Kubo that has appeared in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since August 2001.

Bleach follows the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki, a high school student with the ability to see ghosts, and Rukia Kuchiki, a shinigami (Soul Reaper or, literally, "death god"). The early parts of the story focus mainly on the characters and their pasts. As events unfold, the story begins to delve deeper into the world of these gods of death.

The manga series has been adapted into an animated television series, two OVAs, two animated feature films, a rock musical, and numerous video games. Compilation volumes of the manga have sold over 40 million copies in Japan, and have reached the top of manga sales charts in the United States. The manga received the Shogakukan Manga Award, and the anime has been nominated for several American Anime Awards.

The story opens with the sudden appearance of the shinigami Rukia in Ichigo's bedroom. She is surprised at his ability to see her, but their resulting conversation is interrupted by the appearance of a hollow, an evil spirit. After Rukia is severely wounded while trying to protect Ichigo, she intends to transfer half her powers to Ichigo, hoping to give him the opportunity to face the hollow on equal footing. Ichigo unintentionally absorbs all her powers instead, allowing him to defeat the hollow with ease.

The next day, Rukia appears in Ichigo's classroom as a transfer student. Much to his surprise, she appears to be a normal human. She theorizes that it was the unusual strength of Ichigo's spirit that caused him to fully absorb her powers, thus leaving her stranded in the human world. Rukia has transferred herself into a gigai — an artificial human body — while waiting to recover her abilities. In the meantime, Ichigo must take over her job as a shinigami, battling hollows and guiding lost souls to the afterlife.

Bleach - First Opening Theme

Bleach - First Ending Theme

Source(s):, Official Bleach Website(japanese), Shonen Jump Bleach Website

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Naruto Shippuuden - Hurricane Chronicles

Naruto after 2 1/2 years.

Naruto Shippuuden

Anime Title: Naruto Shippuuden (Hurricane Chronicles)
Author: Masashi Kishimoto
ninja, adventure, comedy, action
Number of Episodes: 24 on going
Runtime per Episode: 25 mins
Studio: Studio Pierrot

The plot of the second part of the manga and anime series Naruto, titled Naruto: Shippūden (Hurricane Chronicles) in the anime and simply Part II in the manga, is set two and a half years after the present timeline in Part I. The new setting for the series begins with volume 28 (chapter 245) of the manga. The anime adaptation of the manga started airing on February 15, 2007, premiering with the first two episodes debuting in a one hour special. The US publication of the manga will begin in January 2008, in the US issue of Shonen Jump.

The new story revolves mainly around Naruto Uzumaki's and Sakura Haruno's new adventures and their search for Sasuke Uchiha after he left Konoha to gain Orochimaru's power. The plot later involves new major characters, such as Sai and Yamato. The plot also shows a more active Akatsuki in their quest to obtain all the tailed beasts.

The Akatsuki
Naruto Shippuuden - Opening Theme

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One Piece Movie 9 - Episode of the Island of Perpetual Winter

One Piece Movie 9
Episode of the Island of Perpetual Winter

Episode of the Island of Perpetual Winter is the ninth movie in the anime and manga series, One Piece and is a retelling of the Drum Island arc. It is set to be released in Japan in the spring of 2008.

The movie is a retelling of the Drum Island arc with new music and animation. Also it has removed Vivi from the plot, and added both Nico Robin and Franky, who joined the crew after the Drum Island arc. The movie will also have the Straw Hat's new ship, Thousand Sunny.

Movie 9 Preview - Teaser/Trailer


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

On The Spot - One Piece

Anime Title: One Piece (Wanpīsu)
Author: Eiichiro Oda
comedy, pirates, fantasy, action, adventure
Number of Episodes: 323 on going
Runtime per Episode: 25 minutes
Published: August 04, 1997
Publisher: Shueisha
Studio: Toei Animation

One Piece is an anime and manga series created by mangaka Eiichiro Oda. One Piece focuses on a ragtag crew of pirates called Straw Hat Pirates formed and led by Captain Monkey D. Luffy. Luffy's greatest ambition is to obtain the world's ultimate treasure, One Piece, and become Pirate King.

The Story
As the Pirate King Gold Roger was executed he revealed that his treasure, known as "One Piece", was hidden somewhere on the Grand Line. Monkey D. Luffy dreams of finding the legendary treasure and becoming the Pirate King, and after eating the devil's fruit gains the power to do so. But first he must find a crew...
Greatness,Glory,Gold. A Pirate Named Gold Roger also known as the Pirate King has conquered this all. He was executed with an unknown reason but before he died he had revealed his last word about The legendary Treasure named One Piece which was hidden in the Grand Line. 22 years after his Death, A Pirate named Monkey D. Luffy appeared and has only one Goal, To Become the Next "Pirate King" and Find The Treasure "One Piece". This Start The Never Ending Adventure...

The manga began its serial run in issue #34 of Shueisha's Weekly Shounen Jump magazine on August 4, 1997, while the anime adaptation produced by Toei Animation premiered on Fuji TV on October 20, 1999.

Eiichiro Oda originally planned One Piece to last five years, and he had already planned out the ending, but he found himself enjoying the story too much to end it in that amount of time, and now has no idea how long it will take to reach that point. Nevertheless, the author states (as of July 2007) that the ending is still the one he had decided on from the beginning, and he is committed to seeing it through to the end, no matter how many years it takes.

One Piece is the third highest selling manga in the history of Weekly Shonen Jump, (being beaten by Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen-mae Hashutsujo (Kochi Kame) and Dragon Ball) and is currently their most acclaimed and all-time third-best-selling title in Japan. The manga is so well-liked that it is the first to increase the sales of Weekly Shonen Jump in eleven years. Volume 27 of One Piece holds a manga sales record in Japan, with 2,630,000 units sold in its first printing alone; as of Volume 46, the series has sold over 140,000,000 copies domestically, and is the fastest manga to reach sales of 100,000,000.

One Piece - First Opening Theme

One Piece - First Ending Theme

One Piece Movie(s):
Since the debut of the series on television, Toei Animation has also produced eight One Piece feature films, released each spring since the year 2000. In typical fashion for movies based on serialized manga, the films feature self-contained, completely original plots w'ith animation of higher quality than what the weekly anime allows for. Additionally, three of these movies have had special features, showcasing the characters engaged in various activities unrelated to the series (specifically dancing, playing soccer, and playing baseball). These movies, and their attached features, are as follows:

Opening Theme(s):
1: "We Are!" by Hiroshi Kitadani (eps 1-47)
2: "Believe" by Folder5 (eps 48-116)
3: "Hikari E" by The Babystars (eps 117-168)
4: "Bon Voyage!" by Bon-Bon Blanco (eps 169-206)
5: "Kokoro no Chizu" by BOYSTYLE (eps 207-263)
6: "Brand New World" by D-51 (eps 264-279)
7: "We Are!" by the Straw Hat Pirates (eps 279-283)
8: "Crazy Rainbow" by Tackey & Tsubasa (eps 284-)

Ending Theme(s):
01: "memories" by Maki Otsuki (eps 1-30)
02: "RUN! RUN! RUN!" by Maki Otsuki (eps 31-63)
03: "Watashi ga iru Yo (私がいるよ)" by TOMATO CUBE (eps 64-73)
04: "Souchinosuke" by Suitei-Shoujo (eps 74-81)
05: "Before Dawn" by AI-SACHI (eps 82-94)
06: "Fish" by The Kaleidoscope (eps 95-106)
07: "Glory ~Kimi ga iru Kara~" by Takako Uehara (eps 107-116)
08: "Shining Ray" by Janne da Arc (eps 117-132)
09: "Free Will" by Ruppina (eps 133-155)
10: "faith" by Ruppina (eps 156-168)
11: "A to Z" by ZZ (eps 169-181)
12: "Tsuki to Taiyou (月と太陽; Moon and Sun)" by shela (eps 182-195)
13: "Dreamship" by Aiko Ikuta (eps 196-206)
14: "Mirai Koukai (Future Voyage)" by Tackey & Tsubasa (eps 207-230)
15: "Eternal Pose" by Asia Engineer (eps 231-245)
16: "Dear Friends" by TRIPLANE (eps 246-255)
17: "Asu wa Kurukara" by Dong Bang Shin Gi (eps 256-263)
18: "Adventure World" by Delicatessen (eps 264-278)

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One Piece Official Site (japanese)


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Linux Gamer's Game List

Linux Gamer's Game List

A List of free and commercial games, emulators, engines, more... for Linux Operating Systems with their corresponding links.

Click here -> Linux Game List

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Final Trailer: Naruto Movie 4 - Naruto Shippuuden The Movie

Final Trailer:
Naruto Movie 4 - Naruto Shippuuden The Movie

Studio: Studio Pierrot
Released: August 4, 2007
Runtime Approximately: 1:30:00

Final Trailer

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Starcraft 2: Blizzcon 2007 - Gameplay

Starcraft 2: Blizzcon 2007 - Gameplay

Published by: Blizzard Entertainment
Developed by: Blizzard Entertainment
Release: To Be Announced

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Shirokishi Monogatari / White Knight Story for the Playstation 3

Shirokishi Monogatari / White Knight Story for the Playstation 3

Shirokishi Monogatari ("White Knight Story") is a video game RPG developed by Level-5 and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 3. It is Level-5's first project for the system, and is currently slated to release in Japan sometime in late 2007, with a worldwide localization to follow shortly thereafter.

Look at the gigantic turtle! Is that a Whole City on it's back!?

While little is known about the title, Level-5 has revealed they are placing an emphasis on scale within the game world. According to a Famitsu article, many enemies are extremely large in size (some standing over 2,000 meters tall), resulting in battles with the player similar in style to Sony Computer Entertainment's PlayStation 2 title, Shadow of the Colossus. In one piece of concept artwork, a massive turtle-like creature is depicted carrying an entire city on its back.

The Battle System

The battle system used in Shirokishi Monogatari uses a realtime combat system, where the battle mode is initiated automatically when enemies are present. Before a battle, the player optionally goes into the "Battle Preparation" menu (accessible at any time) and chooses a set of seven commands for each character in the party. This set of seven commands is called a "Function Palette", and several of these palettes can be saved, suggesting that tactical palette preparing and switching will be essential to the game. The commands can also link in some way, presumably to create combos. These can then be used in battle, where the player controls one of the characters, while the others are controlled by the AI, as seen in the Tokyo Game Show trailer. Players, though, can freely change the character they're controlling. The main character can transform into the White Knight when a gauge is filled, using normal attacks on minor enemies. Characters can also perform combo attacks with other characters, such as one character holding an enemy while another attacks it. Boss battles also take place in a similar fashion except that they may include cutscenes for in-battle events.

Gameplay Video

Cinematic Trailer HD

sources: official trailer, level-5 official site(japanese), sony computer entertainment(japanese),

Monday, July 30, 2007

The Music of L`Arc~en~Ciel

The Music of L`Arc~en~Ciel


Origin Japan
Genre(s) Pop, hard rock, alternative rock, progressive rock
Years active 1991–present

L`Arc~en~Ciel is a popular Japanese rock band, formed in 1991. The group has sold over 15 million albums, 30 million singles, and millions of other units, such as videos and has been voted #58 in HMV Japan's "Top 100 Japanese Pop Artists" of all time.

L`Arc~en~Ciel appeared on many Anime Series and here are a few of them.

Blurry Eyes - From DNA2

Ready Steady Go - From Full Metal Alchemist

Fourth Avenue Cafe - From Rorouni Kenshin

Driver's High - From Great Teacher Onizuka

Friday, July 27, 2007

On the Spot - Naruto

Anime Title:
Author: Masashi Kishimoto
ninja, adventure, comedy, action
Number of Episodes: 220
Runtime per Episode: 25 mins
Published: 2002
Studio: Studio Pierrot

Naruto is a manga series written and illustrated by mangaka Masashi Kishimoto with an anime adaptation. The main character, Naruto Uzumaki, is a loud, hyperactive, unpredictable adolescent ninja who constantly searches for approval and recognition, as well as to become Hokage, acknowledged as the leader and strongest of all ninja in the village.

The manga was first published by Shueisha in 1999 in the 43rd issue of Japan's Shonen Jump magazine. As of volume 36, the manga has sold over 71 million copies in Japan.[1] VIZ Media publishes a translated version in the American Shonen Jump magazine. Naruto has become VIZ's best-selling manga series.[2] To date, the first 15 volumes are available. In order to catch up to the translated anime, VIZ plans to release volumes 16 to 27 three at a time over the months of September to December 2007.[3]

The first of two anime series, produced by Studio Pierrot and Aniplex, premiered across Japan on the terrestrial TV Tokyo network and the anime satellite television network Animax on October 3, 2002, and is still being aired. Viz also licensed the anime for North American production. Naruto debuted in the United States on Cartoon Network's Toonami programming block on September 10, 2005, and in Canada on YTV's Bionix on September 16, 2005. Naruto began showing in the UK on Jetix on July 22, 2006. It began showing on Toasted TV on January 12, 2007 in Australia, although it could be watched on Cartoon Network in 2006. The first series lasted nine seasons, while Naruto: Shippūden began its first on February 15, 2007.

The Plot:

Twelve years before the events at the focus of the series, the nine-tailed demon fox attacked Konohagakure. Powerful enough to raise tsunamis and flatten mountains with a swish of one of its tails, it raised chaos and slaughtered many people, until the leader of the Leaf Village – the Fourth Hokage – sacrificed his own life to seal the demon inside a newly-born child, Naruto Uzumaki. The Fourth Hokage, who was celebrated as a hero for sealing the demon fox away, wanted Naruto to be respected in a similar light by being the containment vessel for the demon fox.

The Leaf Village, however, shunned him, regarding Naruto as if he were the demon fox itself and mistreated him throughout most of his childhood. A decree made by the Third Hokage forbide anyone to discuss or mention the attack of the demon fox to anyone, even their own children. However, this did not stop them from treating him like an outcast and as a result he grew up an orphan without friends, family, or acknowledgment. He could not force people to befriend him, so he sought acknowledgment and attention the only way he knew – through pranks and mischief.

However, that soon changed after Naruto graduated from the Ninja Academy by using his Multiple Shadow Clone Technique to save his teacher, Iruka Umino, from the renegade ninja Mizuki. That encounter gave Naruto two insights: that he was the container of the demon fox, and that there was someone besides the Third Hokage who actually cared for and acknowledged him. His graduation from the academy opened a gateway to the events and people that would change and define his world, including his way of the ninja for the rest of his life.[4]

The main story follows Naruto and his friends' personal growth and development as ninja, and emphasizes their interactions with each other and the influence of their backgrounds on their personalities. Naruto finds two friends and comrades in Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno, two fellow young ninja who are assigned with him to form a three-person team under an experienced sensei named Kakashi Hatake. Naruto also confides in other characters that he meets throughout the series as well. They learn new abilities, get to know each other and other villagers better, and experience a coming-of-age journey as Naruto dreams of becoming the Hokage of the Leaf Village.

Throughout all of the Naruto plot, strong emphasis on character development changes the plot, with very few things happening because of chance. At first, emphasis is placed on Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura, who are the members of Team 7. However, other characters are developed, such as Kakashi, Tsunade, and Jiraiya, as well as Naruto's peers in the other teams and villages. Several major villains come into play as well, the first being Zabuza Momochi, a missing-nin from Kirigakure, and his partner, Haku. Later, in the Chunin Exams arc, Orochimaru is introduced as an S-Class missing-nin at the top of Konoha's most wanted list. Later still, a mysterious organization called Akatsuki begins to pursue Naruto for the nine-tailed demon fox inside him.

First Opening Theme:

First Ending Theme:

Official Site:
Tokyo TV (Japanese)

External Links:
VIZ Media
Shonen Jump

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Disgaea 3 - Coming in for the Playstation 3

Disgaea 3 - Coming in for the Playstation 3
Gifu, Japan-based developer Nippon Ichi has announced its bringing role-playing-game Makai Senki Disgaea 3 to the Playstation 3. The two previous entries in the series appeared on the Playstation 2 — with Disgaea: Hour of Darkness also getting a PSP airing. The Nippon Ichi press release contains two screenshots of Disgaea 3, a work in-progress. Oddly, they are dated 2008. The release mentions that the "simulation RPG" will be out "this winter" in Japan for ¥7,140 (US $59).

Previous main Disgaea titles have been released on PlayStation 2, with a PSP remake of the original game already out in Japan and due to ship in North America later this year.

The two released Disgaea 3 screenshots are dated 2008, suggesting that the game may be expected on the far end of the winter season. No explicit mention was made of a North American release, nor has NIS America, the publisher's United States division, made any announcements regarding Disgaea 3.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

PSP 2 - Slimmer with Video Output

Sony is giving its handheld console a serious refresh in the form of a slimmer, lighter and faster "updated" PSP.

The new unit still includes the 4.3-inch LCD and UMD, but is 33 percent lighter, 19 percent slimmer, has sped up game load times and improved battery life.

The only real "new" features is a video output capability to allow you to play your PSP games on a big screen TV.

You can score one in September in the original Piano Black, a new Ice Silver color, and a Star Wars Battlefront special edition.

The latter two PSPs come in $199 bundles with related games and a 1GB Memory Stick in the case of Ice Silver. More pics after the break. The system will also come in two new colors which are also part of two new packs. First is the Ice Silver, part of the $199.99 Entertainment Pack that comes with a 1GB Memory Stick, Daxter, and the Family Guy Frickin' Sweet Collection on UMD. Also is a new, white Star Wars-themed PSP that will retail in October for $199.99 packed with Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron. These release plans are for North America, announcements for Japan and Europe are forthcoming.


Monday, July 9, 2007

Naruto Movie 4 - Naruto Shippuuden The Movie

Naruto: Shippūden the Movie is the fourth film based on the Naruto Manga and the Naruto: Shippūden anime series. It was announced on November 22, 2006, in that week's issue of Shonen Jump. The movie will be released in theaters on August 4, 2007. Pre-sale tickets have been available since April 21, 2007.

The trailer begins with a brief glimpse of Shion's eyes and a dark scene with lava. Naruto is fighting against dark purple, snake-like attacks with dragon heads. He is impaled through his back for the first of two times in the trailer. Shion's face is seen in a metallic reflection as if she was looking at herself, while black ribbons wave in the background.

The second scene shows Naruto's friends mourning in a graveyard, though many details are different than the scene showed in the initial trailer. Sakura, Neji and Lee are present showing battle damage and not wearing their funeral clothing.

The following scenes show Naruto and Sakura carrying around a weak Shion is a friendly manner. Lee is seen fighting with a rock-like enemy. Three individuals with connected chakra strings are also seen. The trailer ends as Shion falls from Naruto's back and down a chasm. As she falls, she reaches for a cracked ornament that she wears. The scene suddenly changes to show Naruto impaled a second time, but in a different location and by a different object than at the start of the trailer.


Naruto Movie 4 - Final Trailer

Naruto Shippuuden The Movie Trailers:

Friday, July 6, 2007

Naruto Shippuuden Episode 19 Released!

Dattebayo has released episode 19. For those who worried about the episode not being released, worry no more. Here is some advice, don't listen to Dattebayo when they threaten to stop subbing Naruto. They do this so often and people continually fall for it. The episode title is: Trap Operation! Team Gai's Enemy.

Do not be surprised if there is no episode next week. It seems like episode 20 will not be out until July 19th.


Thursday, July 5, 2007

Lost Odyssey latest scans

Mistwalker's forthcoming Xbox 360 epic, Lost Odyssey latest scans

Lost Odyssey is a role-playing game featuring both the music composer and producer of the Final Fantasy series.

Tokyo Game Show - Lost Odyssey


Friday, June 29, 2007

Anime Quotes - Bleach

From the Bleach Series --

"Dammit, is that how you greet your son who went out of his way to help a ghost on the way home?!"

-- Kurosaki Ichigo

"I see. So basically, you're a Death God? And you came all the way from some place called Soul Society to vanquish evil spirits? Which means that monster earlier was one of those evil spirits? And it attacked that little girl? Okay, I belie-- NO WAY I'LL BELIEVE THAT, DUMBASS!"
-- Kurosaki Ichigo

"Do you know why the big brother is born first? It's to protect the little brothers and sisters that come after him. A brother telling his sister, "I'll kill you..." You never, ever say something like that."
-- Kurosaki Ichigo

"Remember, Ichigo. You are the man which the woman I fell in love with gave her life to protect. Live to the fullest, age to the fullest, go bald to the fullest, and die long before me. And if possible, die with a smile"
-- Isshin Ichigo

"What a letdown, Kurosaki-san, a real letdown.... After all, there is nothing but fear reflected in your sword. When you dodge, you're afraid of getting killed. When you attack, you're afraid of killing someone. Even when you try to protect someone, you're afraid of letting them die. Yes, your sword speaks to me only of absurd fear. What's necessary in a fight isn't fear. Nothing can be born of that. When you dodge, "I won't let them kill me." If you protect someone, "I won't let them die." If you attack, "I will kill them." Well, can't you see the resolve to cut you in my sword?"
-- Kisuke Urahara

"[Thinking] When he sensed he was no match for his opponent... he could have withdrawn with only a minor wound. I hoped he would. But... Ichigo would never admit defeat so easily. I think... I always knew that. Can you move, Ichigo? If you can, it's not too late to run. Hurry.... Please... RUN!"
-- Rukia Kuchiki

"Ichigo... I hate the rain. Rain falls in this world, too. When your heart is in chaos, this sky become clouded. When you are sad, rain falls so terribly easy. Can you understand... the horror of being pelted by rain in this solitary world? If only to stop that rain, I shall lend you any strength. If you trust in me, I will let no rain fall in this world. Ichigo, trust me. You are not fighting alone."
-- Zangetsu

Why do you run, Ichigo? You still have not called me. Face forward, Ichigo. You should be able to hear it now. That which blocks your ears is worthless fear. The enemy is one, you are one. What is there to fear?"
-- Zangetsu

"I shall light a fire upon the fang that falls short, so that I needn't see that star... so that it shall not tear this throat of mine."

-- Renji Abarai

"You're just an overnight shinigami. You couldn't put one scratch on us real ones."
-- Renji Abarai

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dragonball Online - MMORPG

Dragonball goes online.

DBMania is bringing us news that Dragon Ball Online, an MMO based on one of the most recognized series in the world, is coming to Japan in 2008, with the beta being tested in Korea this summer. The game is set 200 years from the end of the manga, so all the main characters are dead, or so it seems. The world has been divided by some evil organization, and with the help of "Time Patrol Trunks," you'll help to reunite the world.

Players will be able to select from any of the major races that appeared in the game; meaning Saiyan, Humans, and Nameks are definitely available to players. In the game, you actually start off as a young kid, and grow to be an adult. Akir a Toriyama will behelping to design the new characters, buildings, and backgrounds.

So, Dragon Ball fans, would you sign up for this, even though everything is in Japanese?

Dragonball Online Screenshots:

Bandai Co Games (japanese)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Naruto the Movie 3: Mikazuki Island's Animal Panic! DVD Release

Naruto the Movie 3: Mikazuki Island's Animal Panic! DVD Release

The third Movie Installment of the famous Ninja Anime, Naruto Series is now released in DVD Format last April 25, 2007.

On a side note, Dattebayo (A fansub group) released an english subtitled version for the movie last April 29, 2007, and all you Anime fans, specially Naruto fans should watch it now, while it's hot!

Here's a Preview of the Movie.

And the movie fight scenes.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

On the Spot - FLCL (Furi Kuri)

Anime Title: FLCL (Furi Kuri - japanese title)
Author: Hajime Ueda
comedy, science-fiction, fantasy, mecha, school life
Number of Episodes: 6
Runtime per Episode: 25 mins
Published: April 26, 2000
Studio: GAINAX, Production I.G. (japan), Synch-Point(united states)

FLCL or known as Furi Kuri in japan is a 6 episode OVA Series. The series focuses on a twelve-year old boy that always hangs out with Mamimi, the girlfriend of Naota's long gone brother.
"Mamimi and Naota"

Their relationship seems pretty weird, Mamimi calls Naota by his brothers name, and always seems to enjoy teasing Naota.

Haruko rushing to hit Naota with her guitar on the head.

When suddenly, a mysterious and insane girl riding a motorscooter that always carries a guitar named Haruko, who calls herself the "Medical Mechanica" an investigator from the "Galactic Space Patrol Brotherhood/Stellar Fraternity" in search for the most powerful space pirate in the universe Atomsk who interrupted the times of Naota and Mamimi, running over Naota and whacks him in the head with her guitar.

"Atomsk the Pirate King"

"Naota with the Power of the Pirate King"

"The Unexpected End of the Furi Kuri"

Episode List:

Episode 1:"Fooly Cooly (Furi Kuri)"
Episode 2: "Fire Starter (FiSta)"
Episode 3: "Marquis de Carabas (Maru-Raba)"
Episode 4: "Full Swing (Furi Kiri)"
Episode 5: "Brittle Bullet (Bura-Bure)"

Final Episode:
"FLCLimax (Furi Kura)"